Studer grinder Tailstock Rebuild



   Tailstock is the second most important part of the machine when it comes to accuracy and easy of getting the parts into size. Studer tail stock is well built to take anywhere from 136 KG to 150KG of part. It is all going to depend on how well the barrel is smooth into the bore. If it smooth and no wear your parts will come out time and time again right. If there is no coolant filled into the casting of the tailstock you can adjust the tailstock for 50 Micron deviation. It all depends on how well it is torqued. The barrel and the hole has to matched to perfection.

Matching the tailstock:

Then tails stock has to be ground for centerline height. IT also has to be ground to match your workhead in the X direction. It is "awfully simple" if all is correct or it will be "simply awful" and you will keep fighting to get a part out. Tails tock rebuild is an art and NOT for a guy who is going to fix everything with a disc grinder. If you want a machine to grind with an accuracy of .00005, it has to be built accordingly.

Options - There are 3 different heights. 125, 175 and 225 mm. There are two different barrel strokes 35 and 50 mm. There are power options available. Any tailstock can be made into a power tailstock with some added parts.

Here are some pictures to show you how much detail we get into.