Studer Wheel head Rebuild



 Studer has multiple different wheel heads. Pneumatic life and hydraulic lift. Manual turn, Hydraulic turn and electrical turn. S40, S33 and S30 are different sizes.

A few machines have a scale, mostly it is an encoder or pulse coder.

5 degree, 2.5 degree and 1 degree. Infinite B2 axis tagging along B1 axis. There are two different kinds of infinite.

The biggest problems. I am loosing accuracy. You have infinite B axis then it may very well be electrical issue.

Most of the complain is, it is not sitting down. You need to check if mechanical obstruction through coolant or debris at the bottom. They are simple if you carefully deal with it immediately. It could be fixed in 24 hours rebuild. We have had it out and taken 200 hours to fix some. There are literally 50 parts that can go wrong and you could have a leak. Most of the times it is debris and seals. But it could be shaft, housing, the bottom hose or a multitude of things which are mostly created by inexperienced MACHO-MAN taking it out.

Here are some pictures to show you how much detail we get into. Take the time to be careful or else you will end up spending 40K in it and 20 weeks down.

If you want to sent the wheel head, we can evaluate for 1200 and give you a price. It can be as low as 2500 and as high as 25K, depending on how many people got into it. Our average price has been 6K. If you want it like new, and painted we can do that as well. IF you want your motors and guards painted on we can do that too. Alternately you could send it out locally and get it done a lot cheaper. If you want the Spindle redo at this time we can do that for 3,600.

We have opened every kind before. We have developed all the tools and test mechanism to test every part and subassemblies. We are not learning on your dime.