Plant Services

Breakdown Maintenance

Servo Drive Tune ups

Spindle Drives

Retrofitting of Drives





     Annual / Semi-annual / quarterly preventive maintenance (PM) audits/calibration checks.

     System tuning and optimization.

     Operator / maintenance training. Hands on and class room.

     Hardware / software trouble shooting.

     Round the clock (24 hrs, 365 days) technical support and emergency services for customers with a contract.

     Hardware / Software upgrades.

     On-site Installation / commissioning.

Remote diagnostics services


Reduced downtime
Reduced maintenance costs.
When to expect the next maintenance
Plan parts accordingly
What equipment to buy next time
What option to buy next time
Preventive/Predictive Maintenance
Tailor made requirements /schedule for machine maintenance based on your production schedule and budget.
Reduced downtime and maintenance costs. You know what to do and when - what problems to expect. Complete condition monitoring using tools such as vibration and infrared analysis. No surprised.
Annual Maintenance
Maintenance agreement to any kind of machine.
Tailored scheduling from everyday to quarterly and annual maintenance plans. We can free you from all in-house maintenance problems
Inventory Control
Comprehensive software-based inventory maintenance.
Your Cost Savings potential is substantial. Plus faster, easier inventory control. We can offer special rated from many vendors, place support people full time or offer on-call support to meet your needs.
Time Study/Modifications
High efficiency analysis of automated and manual production lines . Recommendations to improve cycle and set-up time.
Our recommendations , which range from minor adjustments to robotics have cut our clients material costs up to 5% and rejection rates by up to 25%.
Computerzied Maintenance Systems
Computerization of all maintenance functions , including : generating work orders, .P.O.'s, inventory controls and supplier databases.
Reduced maintenance/repair costs and production downtime. Flexible approaches from simple systems to complex systems enabling monitoring of world wide plant locations via LAN and WAN.
Test Stands And Panels
Design and build of test stands for many purposes including repetitive testing and power supply tests.
Complete integration of testing activities ,Our Panels include CNC machines, PLC controlled logic and automated matches.