Our Philosophy


Ven Swaminathan


 Hands-on CNC experience since 1987

Master's degree from Wright state Univ., Dayton, Ohio

We support all things science

  • Local Public Radio

  • Local Parks

  • Wetlands

  • Anything Educational

  • Local Schools

  • Stem Education

  • Central State University

  • Florida Southern Tech College

  • American Civil Liberties Union

  • Doctors without Borders

  • CORE

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We are your pilots!
When you are our passengers, we want you to sit down and enjoy the coffee! We handle the turbulence. We take pride in our technical capability and work ethics.

Address Customer Challenge

 We are not here to sell our solution to you. We are not here to modify our products and force feed it to you at your cost. We want to be in your shoes and listen to your challenge and see how we can help. If that solution includes we need to send you else where for that solution, so be it.


Listen To Understand

We listen with an intent to understand and not with the intent to reply.


Your Right To Reach The Next Person

You have the right to reach the supervisor. No staff will give a reason why you cannot. You can reach me anytime and I guarantee you I will do everything to address your concern no matter the dollar value.


Relationship is more important than our ego

We want to improve every day.  Even if it is not our mistake, we apologize. Your relationship is more important than our ego.


We Try Our Best

We may not have all the solutions but you will be glad to know we tried our best. We stand by one customer at a time. Quality is more important than quantity.


Our Responsibility to CNC and upcoming technologies

We realize we are the first generation of CNC and control engineers. 25 years people have not chosen this hard and complex career. This generation of knowledge is retiring. It is our job to pass the knowledge to the next generation of controls engineers. Towards that cause, we help any company who cannot fix a machine, who cannot fix a process, the new students who cannot afford parts for their school project and any college any who reaches out to us. Not all is about money and we understand there is a higher purpose.

We Will Be The Change We Want To See
Yes, We will act the best to see what we want to experience.


Learn every day. Enjoy what we do. Take a moment to laugh and savor. Every thing else falls in place!!

Everyone wants to do the right thing. We do the right thing EVERY TIME. That defines our character!

Honesty is the best policy. Does not go out of fashion. Gives good sleep. Health and laughter follows!!

The job we do may be complex, but we keep the life real simple.