We Retrofit Studer Grinders with NUM Control. All Cycles Provided

Our partnership with NUM


What is a CNC Retrofit?

Changing the control of a CNC machine is a CNC retrofit.  The updated control helps with latest features as well availability of spare parts.

What is a full control retrofit?

A full control retrofit included drives and controls.  New electrical panel. Check spindle drives / dresser drives are included. it. Operator training and application training are included. Manuals and electrical prints. Macros are included for your programs.

When would a machine warrant a CNC retrofit?

If the iron is worth 100,000 USD, then the machine is worth retrofitting. As a thumb rule, if the new replacement machine costs 175,000 USD or above it is worth looking into.

What NOT to do, during the process?

a) Make sure the outfit has done this before and has been in business for a long time. b) Go with standard controls. PC based controls has a lot risks in continued support for the next 20 years. c) Get all the manuals. d) Get all the back ups made including any SOURCE code and Ladder logic. e) MAKE SURE THERE THE PROGRAMMING/ MACROS ARE INCLUDED. In grinding machine this is approximately 25K.

Would CNC onestop do retrofits?

Yes we do retrofits of special machines where the iron is worth at least 100K or more. We have moved up on the value chain and we do not do any low end retrofit. They are low margin business and we would not be able to do justice to the customer when it comes to support.  We support one customer at a time. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Low end retrofits do not fit our business plan.

Does that mean it is not worth doing retrofit which are somewhat of a low cost?

Not really. You can do the retrofit as long as you can cover all the bases and it makes financial sense to you

What control does CNC Onestop retrofit.

NUM controls are top of the line control made in Switzerland. NUM technology is advanced in terms of architecture, servo design, and being able to do PICO level positional feedback. NUM is big enough to be able to support any specialized project, yet small enough to service and support all issues locally. Their application support is unparalleled. You see NUM control on high end machines like tool cutter grinder and machine, which make positional control devices like scale.

You need super precision technology to do cutting tools and nano level precision positional control systems. To manufacture a nano precision product, the control should be able to process PICO level processing. We chose NUM because we cannot go wrong with high precision control. The distributed I/O and high density makes it easy to wire up a machine. Front end is an open architecture, remote troubleshooting is easy, and Team Viewer is compatible. If you are training / helping an operator run a machine, you can do it from your desk or home. If you are a supervisor and want to watch all machines run, you can do that as well.

We use the nPad hand held pendant. It is handy to setup grinding process using the pendant.  The precision of the control, local support, and remote features makes this control a retrofitter's dream. Easiness of the control and the flexibility makes it versatile for the end user to program.



When to retrofit a drive?

If your drive is old and cannot get parts or If you cannot find a motor, If you cannot find the Feedback device Example Encoder, Resolver or tach.

What info is needed for a Drive retrofit?

1) Drive is A/c or D/c. 2) KW or HP rating of the drive 3) What is the input voltage 110 or 220 3Ph or 440V a/c 4) Does the motor has a feedback 5) What type of feedback does it have Example Encoder, Resolver or tach. 6) Spindle drive or a servo drive 7) What are the inputs used (Like drive enable, estop..) 8) What are the outputs (Like Drive ready, Alarm, Zero speed etc)

What are the phases and how long does it take?

1) Planning phase 3 hours 2) Research phase on matching a drive 2 to 4 hours 3) Drawing prints for the new drive - 2 hours 4) Wiring phase - 3 to 12 hours 5) Start up - 3 to 8 hours 6) Run off - 2 to 8 hours  Total time of 30 to 60 hours

How easy is it to retrofit a drive?

It is not difficult. But is takes dedicated planning and testing.

Does ever a drive retrofit fail?

Never. There may always be some small bugs. But they are not impossible to fix.

Has CNC Onestop Inc. done Drive retrofit?

We have carried out more than 100 drive retrofits.

What are the different types of drives that has been used in the Retrofits?

Control Techniques, Yasakawa, Fuji, Mitsubishi, Vacan, Yasakawa, Kollemorgen, Vickers, Siemens, Baldor and many more..

What is the qualification of your personnel?

We have engineers in staff who have Mater's degree in Electronics. Ven has specialized in PWM control of drives. If you have drive problem we can help you, guaranteed.

We can do the wiring. Can you help us with the planning phase and identifying the drive?

Absolutely. The planning and identifying phase  would take us about 8 to 12 hours.

For Drive Retrofit contact  Ven Swaminathan  -  937 427 5847  -