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Why buy from us? We troubleshoot your machines. We are service engineers selling parts. We just don't  clean boards and ship.

We standby our products one customer at a time.  You get peace       of mind knowing you talked to us.

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  Part Num Description         Controls Used  Qty in Stock Price Buy Item
A61L-0001-0074 A61L-0001-0094 A61L-0001-0096 A61L-0001-0097 Fanuc 14 inch monitor Fanuc 3 1456.00   Buy
A61L-0001-0076, A61L-0001-0079 A61L-0001-0086, A61L-0001-0092 A61L-0001-0093 Fanuc 9 inch monitor Fanuc 3 1256.00   Buy
Siemens 3, 810, 820, M, T, G, 850 Siemens 9 inch monochrome monitor 16 pin flat cable Siemens 3 1096.00   Buy
BC120, BC120F, BC125 Heidenhain monitor 15,1" TFT industry monitor with front plate Heidenhain 3 1656.00   Buy

Why buy Monitors from us

  Made in Germany. If you have followed your machine closely the monitors made with strict controls last that long.

  We are here to stay. 20 years in CNC business. We understand emergency.

  Our products engineered for a solution. Not put together 4 parts and give it to you.

  We have 800 different monitor / TFT / LCD products

  If you need solution we can provide it for you. We have 1000 plus customers for whom we service these CNC machines.

  Two years warranty

  We don’t take short cuts.

  Look at our face plates. Powder coated, anodized aluminum with no-reflecting coated safety-screen, IP65

  Look at our adjustments on the sides. Sheet metals are tested.

  Most of our board have incorporated the jacks

  It is CE certified.  Why is this important? Today people with pace makers work near the machine. When you put our products you know it is safe from all Electromagnetic interference.

  Not all power supplies are equal. You may see a 24 V PSU costing $8.00, then a well made PSU for $50.00. There is lot to well designed PSU. Lasts a lot longer. Led ripples. Better display, Period.

  Not all LCD are equal.

  Not all bulbs are equal. You see the LED lamps go bad in few months.

  We have tech support. Call us. We will walk you through if you are in a bind.

  We can do factory wide replacements and you can have standard monitors in stock.

  Our TFT industrial monitors are designed specifically for the replacement of CRT monitors manufactured in many different controls. Replacement works quick and easy with plug & play.

  Some companies ask you to measure frequency , voltage and send a bad looking cable and hope it works. When it fails these companies there is no body to attend your phone call and make it your problem. The power supplies and cables hang in the available space. This is the sole reason we partnered with a German company to make monitors that really work trouble free. Our monitors are designed for CNC, tested on CNC, not on your machine. Made to last like your original monitor. Your few hundred dollar spending will be paid of on your up time. 

We also have the following monitors for Fanuc and more

  Series 3M,3T,10,11

  Series 6,10,6M,6T,10T,10M,11M,11T,15A,15B,15M,15T,0-MC, 0-TC, 0-MD -

  Series 3

  Series - 6T,6B,6M,0, 0M, 0T, 6, 6MB, 6BT, 11, 11M, 11T

  System 15,16,18,20,0B

  Serie 16-L

  Serie 16i

  Fanuc 16i, Fanuc 18i, Fanuc 20i, Fanuc 21i.

  Fanuc 16, 18, 21, Power Mate i series, 9,5" Display

  FANUC 0-MD, FANUC 0-TD, 0-Mate, 0i-Mate, 7,4" DSTN

  FANUC 15-B, 16-C, 18-C

  Fanuc 18i-m

  18-T 8,4" Display 10,4" Display 10,4" DisplayA02B-0200-C151

  18i TA 9,4" Display

  FANUC 16L 10,4" DisplayA61L-0001-0138

  A61L-0001-0123 10,4" Display

  A61L-0001-0139 8,4" Display

  A61L-0001-0116 9" Plasma Display

  A61L-0001-0162 9" Display

  A61L-0001-0163 10,4" Display

  A61L-0001-0174 12,1" Display

  A61L-0001-0176 8,4" Display

  A61L-0001-0179 15" Display

  A61L-0001-0181 4,7" Display

  A61L-0001-0187 15" Display

  A61L-0001-0214 8,4" Display

  A02B-0120-C113 9" Plasma Display

  A02B-0163-C382 10,4" Display

  A02B-0200-C111 9" Display

  A02B-0236-D811 / A 10,4" Display

  A02B-0279-C060 10,4" Display

  A13B-0166-C001 9" Plasma Display

  A13B-0166-C011 9" Plasma Display

  FANUC Seicos Σ 10 M 10,4" Display

  FANUC i series 12.1 Display A61L-0001-0193

  Tornos-Bechler Fanuc PNC Deco 10,4" Display

   14 – CRT -A61L-0001-0074,A61L-0001-0094, A61L-0001-0096, A61L-0001-0097, A02B-0163-C322A02B-0200-C071,A02B-0222-C071

  12" CRTA61L-0001-0077, A61L-0001-0087, A02B-0076-C061,

  12" Mono.A61L-0001-0073

  9" Mono.A61L-0001-0071, A61L-0001-0072, A61L-0001-0076, A61L-0001-0079, A61L-0001-0086, A61L-0001-0092, A61L-0001-0093

  9" CRTA61L-0001-0095, A61L-0001-0090,

  9" CRTA02B-0200-C061,

  15,1" Display

  10,4" Display A61L-0001-0168, A61L-0001-0168/BLS,A02B-0236-B613

  9,5" DisplayA61L-0001-0154. 9,5" DisplayA61L-0001-0114

  10,4" Display A02B-0238-B612

We also have the following monitors for Siemens and more

  AS 220 / 230 / 235 / 256, AVUS3/4 CP526/527/528/581 COROS LS/A/B/C, DS078, DISIT, DIMOS GRACIS S5,

  CP 526M

  Erogmatic / Blohm


  MP12-527 (CP527 M)

  MP14B-527, (Siemens CP560)

  MP20/C25 (CP 527,CP528 usw.)


  MP40/C36A (CP526/527/528)

  MP40/C36B2 (CP526, CP526M, CP527, CP528)

  Operator Panel 15

  OP 25 / OP27

  Simatic Panel PC QF

  Simatic PC FI 45 V2

  PM36/C1C, Multisyn ab 15 kHz

  PM36/C1D, S5 ab 15 kHz (CGA,EGA,VGA)

  PM36/C1R (CP526/527/528, Coros)

  PM36/C1R (nur WF470)

  SCD 1215-E, Timings ab 15 kHz

  SCD 1515-E, Timings ab 15 kHz

  SCD 1815-E, Timings ab 15 kHz

  WF 470

  WS 400-20, WF470 6FM1470-4AA25

  WS 400-22, WF470 6FM1470-4AA25

  WS 400-50 (Graphic Card WF470)

  WS 510P

  Sinumerik 805/805 M

  Sinumerik 810 GA 1-3

  Sinumerik 820/850/880/880G/880T

  Sinumerik 840C/840M

  Sinumerik 840C/840CE

  Sinumerik 840D

  Sinumerik 840D OP30

  Sinumerik 840D OP 31

  Sinumerik 840D Bedientafel OP 032

  Sinumerik 840D MMC 100

  Sinumerik 840D MMC 100.2

  Sinumerik 840D MMC 102

  Sinumerik 840D OP31 MMC 103

  Sinumerik 840D Operator Panel OP 31

  Sinumerik OP32

  Sinumerik 840 D OP32S

  Sinumerik S3, System


We also have the following monitors for Heidenhain and more

   TNC 406/407/415/425/426

  TNC 407/410/416/426/426PB/430 Mill Plus

  TNC 135/145/ 150 /151

  CNC132, CNC232, CNC322, CNC223

  CNC 234

  TNC 150B, TNC 151

  TNC 246, 2500B, 306, 335, 351 ,360, CNC 223, 322

  TNC 223


  TNC 355

  TNC 355, TNC 332

  MAHO CNC 234

  TNC 123, TNC 124, TNC 310

  TNC410M, 416, 426M, 430M

  iTNC530, MillPlus 15 inch lcd

  iTNC530, Mill Plus15.5 inch lcd

  Manual Plus

  Manual Plus 620

  CNC Pilot Mill Plus

  Philips CNC 3000 Video & Teletext Modul

  Philips CNC 5000 Serie mit GCB

  CNC Pilot 3190

  CNC PILOT 4290

  TNC 123

  TNC 124

  Manual Plus 4110, 3110

  Positip 850

  Positip 855


We also have monitors for several different machines. Some of them are















  Deckel Maho






  Engel, Keba









  Hitachi Seiki










  MCR Metron





  Mori Seiki




  Osai Allen Bradley





  Seibu Walter



  Sieb & Meyer


  Siemens Sinumerik











Who are we: We are the machine tool and control Experts. We work on every type of machine, control, servo and spindle. We work as contractors for several European OEMs. All our boards are guaranteed to work. We criss cross teh continent servicing the same parts we sell you. Most of our parts are stocked for fortune 500 companies as a contract. We sell them after the contract is over. If we have used parts they come from machines we retrofitted. If we have refurbished we got it refurbished from OEM. We are not a Strip Joint. Meaning stripping and selling for what we can get hoping the parts will work.  We are place of quality. Visit our site to learn more about our capabilities.

FORTUNE 500, Global 500, AUTOmotive and AEROmotive companies: We have more than 800 of these companies as our customers. We sell through EBay also.  You can be guaranteed that your purchasing deoartment will be glad to buy it from us. We accommodate bigger corporations.

Quantity Discount: Most of our items qualify for a quantity discount. Please call us to learn the exact discount on the item. Repeat customers get restocking benefits, based on the level of business.

Shipping policyWe offer same day shipping. UPS order cutoff time 2:30PM. UPS picks up by 4:00PM. Our customers use their account numbers.  We offer UPS early AM NEXT DAY deliver. Items can be shipped out until 6 PM EST on special request by UPS.  FedEx cut off time is 2:00PM. We will be more than glad to charge and add it to your credit card. Shipping Prices vary by location, weight and type of service requested. Let us know what type of shipping you would like and we will add that amount to your invoice.

Return Policy If the product is not working and it is our fault, we will take it back no questions asked!  You do need to get a RMA number by calling or emailing us within 48 hours. Also this product can be restocked for 25%. Note: Gold Customers who spend $7000 annually with us can restock the items for 10%. Platinum Customers who buy $15,000 annually can restock any item in our stock for $100.

Our Service Policy: We are a service company selling part to keep our customer's machines moving. We take service very personally. We take care of business one customer at a time. Our technical help is free for 10 minutes. We do offer FACETIME tech support for a fee on any machine, control, servo and spindle. 

DefinitionBrand New means the items has not been used. We pack it according to our standards on different boxes and shipping material. Refurbished means the items has been repaired and checked. Used means, it was used and taken out of service, but it is in working condition.

Satisfaction Policy: We have been in business for the past 17 years. We take pride in helping customers. We want your satisfaction. We will do our best to satisfy you. We are a quality conscious, customer focused company here to help you. We are not middlemen. We don’t adjust the prices to satisfy you. But we will be glad to help you in any possible way to get your machine back up and running. We thoroughly understand you need to be profitable for us to stay in business. We have 800 plus customers and growing every day. We guarantee you, you will be happy you talked to us.

CNC Onestop in located in Xenia, Ohio, USA. You can pick up the products from us. We can recommend couriers who do door to door service from us. Any questions - 937- 427- 5847.