Machines For Sale


 Our Goal:

Buy machine with a Peace of mind. We DO NOT sell a machine As-is. We refurbish the machine to give a standard of 10,000 hour run. We will open the covers and show the Granitan base to you. ASK our competition to show it to you. Most of them would not know how to open or put the cover back without leaking the coolant into the oil and ruining the machine. This is what is going to carry your machine accurately for years.

  • The machine bought from us should run for 5 years /10,000 hours without major mechanical failure

  • Our Complete Rebuild will carry the machine through 20000 hours.

  • If you maintain our simple oil change and greasing program the machine should run for 20 plus years before needing any major overhaul

Our Warranty:

  • Any thing wrong on startup, the parts are provided for free and labor at 25%.  

  • Next 60 days parts free and labor at 50%.

  • Extended warranty is available.

Our Certification:

  • We give you a detailed certification on the machine we sell

  • We can inspect the machine for you from a different outfit.

  • We can tell you what that machine is worth.

  • If the iron is cheap, you buy it and send it to us.

    • We can refurbish the machine which will carry you for 10000 hours with no major mechanical maintenance.  OR

    •  We can rebuild the machine which will carry you for 20000 hours with no major mechanical maintenance. You get a stamp of approval from the experts.

     What will your buy process look like

You can buy a As-is Machine from anywhere and hope you get lucky. When was the last time you won a coin Toss. If you can not win a 50/50 toss, what are the chances of getting a machine running for 10,000 hours. Zero.

  •  If you are buying a machine to run with no problem for 10,000 hours, buy a Refurbished machine from us for a 20% more.

  • If you are company don't want to touch the machine for 20,000 hours or a production company and don't want to take the machine down for maintenance for a long time, then pre buy the machine form us and have us Rebuild it for you.

We are here to make this experience pleasant and enjoyable. We will answer all your questions. We are here to provide you install, operator training and programming training. We can help you with accessories and adding robotics or anything you like. You can get all answers in one place.


GRINDERS FOR SALE  In Sound Working Condition

  • Offered for sale by CNC Onestop Inc., Dayton Ohio

  • We stand by our customers 100% - ONE at a time

  • Financing available- 1 page application - Less than 3 minutes

  • Download Application - Fill it Send it to Adrian -


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If you want a specific machine and you don't see it here, call Ven at 937 609 5387. We have network of Studer professionals around the world rebuilding machines. We will find one and we will stand as a guarantor for the quality. When you spend big bucks, using us as your expert is like an insurance for your investment.


We specialize in Cylindrical grinders, internal grinders, external grinders, universal grinders, angle head grinders, plunge grinders, cam grinders, crush grinders.

Studer is AG is an exceptional machine made in Switzerland. We buy and sell used Studer Id Grinders. We deal with every Studer grinder including the following. Studer S12, Studer 20, Studer S21, Studer 22, Studer S30, Studer S31, Studer S32, Studer S33, Studer 36, Studer S40, Studer S40-4, Studer S41, Studer S45-4, Studer S140, Studer S145, Studer S151, Studer S650, Studer Favorit, Studer Eco, Studer Leanpro.

Why do we sell Studer? We  have worked on Studer for more than 25 years on every CNC ever made by Studer. It is like no other. If you keep your machine maintained it would produce a micron accuracy even after 25 years. You want to see for your selves. Come to our shop. You can see a Studer  with a Siemens 3G in action. We give you a tour on how to get 25 years out of your machine, without spending a ton of money. Maintenance does not have to be expensive. Just smart and timely.

We are service guys, selling good solid machines. We stand by you every step of the way.