Studer S40 Grinder For Sale - ALREADY SOLD
Let us know if you are interested in a retrofit of this kind
S40- rebuilt-all axes checked for spec
Ball Bar test  results available
Axis tuned better by 200% than the original machine

 Retrofitted with new NUM Flexium control with hand held pendant

Read about partnership with NUM 

Video Link for the S40 with Num 


   New control with 2 year warranty

Are you a job shop owner wanting to compete with a million dollar machine. At $20 an hour your pay off of the machine is less than 4 years. This machine price and quality can help you quote for $60/hour and still leave a healthy margin. If you are running three shifts your pay off should be less than one year. If you are charging $100/ hour your and running 3 shifts you should be able to pay off in less than a year.

The machine effectively can be sold after 10 years for a 100K. Where as you write off on this machine is only 50K.

If you buy a million Dollar machine, after 10 years it will be worth 150K.  Your write off would be 800K plus

You can compete with your competitor for  1/10th of a price compared to someone with a new machine. 

Studer parts are available for a long time. I have bought parts for a machine made in 1940s. Fanuc parts are available for a long time. I have bought parts for Fanuc 2000 control which was made in 1960s. 

If you have one of these machines with a Siemens 3G control, yes it can be rebuilt for 150K. Ball screws can be changed for 20K. Effectively you have a machine for 170K like new.

The logic is written by me who has done service for 32 Years you will have no service call for PLC alarms. Num tech support is free for drives and controls. Learning programming is a one day job.








  • Machine is stripped down and being rebuilt. Loading pictures for you to see the rebuild.

  • No maintenance for a few years

  • State of art Num control.

  • One step backup.

  • Free installed Ladder tools to troubleshoot the machine.

  • Remote troubleshooting is easy. 

  • Team Viewer compatible.

  • If you are training / helping an operator run a machine you can doing it from your desk or home.

  •  If you are a supervisor and want to watch all machines run, you can do that as well. 



  • TERMS FROM 12 months to 60 months

  • Training available

  • Turnkey available

  • Control: NUM

  • Location:  Dayton Ohio, USA

  • Origin: Switzerland

NUM controls are top of the line control made in Switzerland. NUM technology is advanced in terms of architecture, servo design, and being able to do PICO level positional feedback. NUM is big enough to be able to support any specialized project, yet small enough to service and support all issues locally. Their application support is unparalleled. You see NUM control on high end machines like tool cutter grinder and machine, which make positional control devices like scale.

You need super precision technology to do cutting tools and nano level precision positional control systems. To manufacture a nano precision product, the control should be able to process PICO level processing. We chose NUM because we cannot go wrong with high precision control. The distributed I/O and high density makes it easy to wire up a machine. Front end is an open architecture, remote troubleshooting is easy, and Team Viewer is compatible. If you are training / helping an operator run a machine, you can do it from your desk or home. If you are a supervisor and want to watch all machines run, you can do that as well.

We use the nPad hand held pendant. It is handy to setup grinding process using the pendant.  The precision of the control, local support, and remote features makes this control a retrofitter's dream. Easiness of the control and the flexibility makes it versatile for the end user to program.

           This is how we rebuild the machine

  • X axis ways cleaned and checked for geometrical accuracy

  • Z axis ways cleaned and checked for geometrical accuracy

  • B axis checked for leaks and seals changed as necessary. Geometrical alignment done

  • Head stock checked for accuracy, bearing changed as necessary

  • Tail stock - Seals changes and checked and aligned for accuracy

  • All New Drives, Motors and cables.

  • New control and front switches and pendants

  • Way covers checked foe intergrit and replaced as necessary

  • All wipers and seals changed

  • Painted as needed

Optional items

  1. All new ball screws

  2. All new way covers

  3. All new cabinet

  4. All new paint

       Ball Bar test conduced. Centerline height within .001 Inch of specs

Design Details of Studer S40

  • 2  OD wheel. I/D capable.

  •  X and Z   Direct Travel measuring system 0,0001mm (linear)

  • Granitan Base

 Technical details/ additional accessories

  • centre height                          175 mm / 6.9 inch

  • grinding length                       1000 mm / 39.4 inch

  • grinding diameter max.          350 mm

  •  Control                                  Num Axium

  • Resolution                              0,0001 mm

  • max. work piece weight between centers     130 kg

  • Load 100 NM

Grinding spindle head:

  •  Indexing                                                      5° Hirth Coupling, 15 to 225 Swivel base

  • Grinding wheel size                                       Left and right 400 x 80 x 127 mm

  • Peripheral speed max.                                    50 m/sec

  • power capacity                                               5.5  kw

  • Spindle diameter                                             120 mm

        Work piece spindle head:

  • Number of revolutions                        30- 750 rpm

  • Power capacity                                   .785 kW

  • Spindle passage                                  30 m

  •  Fitting taper                                        MK 5

  • C-Axis                                      0,0001 °


  • taper of center                        MK 3

  • quill stroke                              30 mm


  • x-axis                                       275 mm

  • z-axis                                       1000 mm


  • feed speeds                             X: 0,001 - 5.000 mm/min

  • feed speeds                             Z: 0,001 - 10.000 mm/min

  • total power requirement ca. 22 kVA

  • weight of the machine ca.      12000LB

  • dimensions of the machine ca. 5,0 x 3,5 x 2,5 m

  • Documents

  • hydraulic system

  • Tailstock

  • Coolant system


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