We Buy Studer Grinders



If you have a Studer grinder you want to sell, send us the pictures. We buy any number of machines and from anywhere in the world. 

We buy CNC Studer grinders only. Send us the information with the serial number with as many available accessories you are going to sell with the machine. Let us know if it has a coolant system and the transformer.  Make it a medium size picture about 200KB a picture. Please don't send 7MB pictures. Email it to - ven@cnconestop.com.

We buy machines outright

We also can work on a consignment option

WHY SELL IT TO US: Those who buy grinders are not buying it for a bargain, but to make an impossible part. When a customer buys the machine from us we certify the machine and fix whatever needs to be fixed. We give the customer experience of having a great machine. Customer pays a premium for that. You get to partner with us. We are a Onestop place for machine service, applications, modifications, and you name it we will make it happen for you. We support the customer for more than one life cycle of the machine.



We specialize in Cylindrical grinders, internal grinders, external grinders, universal grinders, angle head grinders, plunge grinders, cam grinders, crush grinders.

We deal with every Studer grinder including the following.

Studer S12, Studer 20, Studer S21, Studer 22, Studer S30, Studer S31, Studer S32, Studer S33, Studer 36, Studer S40, Studer S40-4, Studer S41, Studer S45-4, Studer S140, Studer S145, Studer S151, Studer S650, Studer Favorit, Studer Eco, Studer Leanpro.


We are service guys, selling good solid machines. We stand by you every step of the way.