Newly arrived machines
The Following machines arrived and are waiting to be rebuilt
------------------------------------------PRE ORDER OPTION------------------------------------------
  • Machines are being rebuilt. If you want any other machine you have or interested in a machine, let us know. We can pre build that for you in cases by putting your machine on priority list.

    We buy machines, refurbish it and put it on sale. We have customers on a wait list for different models. If you are in our list we will call you as soon as we identify a good machine. We can finish the process in 4 weeks or choose to do a complete rebuild with additional options.

    When you pre-buy the machines we can rebuild it to your spec.

    • We can do all upgrades like Gauging, thread grinding, out of round grinding, robotics and many more.

    • All machines are overhauled to original specifications with Studer parts. We have too much respect for the machine to change the seals with local parts to save that few dollars. We want to see your machine run another 30 years like we have seen in the last 30 years.

      Visit REBUILD YOUR STUDER PAGE to learn of the Differences

  • studer S40 , Fanuc 16GC, 2 OD, Left and Right  with a Possibility of adding ID at 180 degrees. Automatic B axis. 175 mm centerline height, 20 inch and 16 inch wheel. - Complete new painting, new hoses, new air lines. Priced at 179,000. If you want all new ball screws and all way new covers add 20,000/-. For 199,000- you are getting a brand new machine, No maintenance for 10 years. This is Pre order price. Machine will be ready in 8 weeks.- AVAILABLE AS PREORDER. - 8 weeks
  • Studer S20 - 1 ID , 0 or 30 degrees - Full rebuild - 16GCA control - 10 weeks
  • Studer S30 Leanpro- Fanuc 16TB, Pictogramming, 2 OD, Left and Right, 20 inch wheel and 16 inch wheel, 1 ID wheel 20K speed, Swivel-able B axis, 1 degree Hirth coupling. Will be putting in a new base.-Available in 12 weeks
  • S40 - TB control with a B2 axis - Possible in 4 weeks.

    ------------------------------------------IMPORT OPTION------------------------------------------
  • We can import machine for you. There are no good machines available in the USA. You are not going to find one till you don't need one. But there are a few machines available in France, Germany and Switzerland. If you are interested we can help you import the machine. We go there and evaluate the machine. We can Facetime you if you don't want to go. We buy the machine right there and arrange a packer and shipper and ship it to the USA. We will help you clear the customs and get it to your facility. Of course you pay a fee for our expertise. We will help you install and do training and help you with all necessities. Yes, you are paying us to have a piece of mind and cut all the uncertainties of dealing with a sales man. We are service guys on your side and get straight talk from us.
    ------------------------------------------Recently Sold ------------------------------------------
  • Studer S40- Fanuc 16TB, Pictogramming, 2 OD, Front and Back, 2 Variable speed drive,  configuration, Automatic B axis, 1 degree Hirth coupling, 20 inch wheel- Rebuild starts in 8 week. - SOLD

  • Studer S31 - Fanuc 21iT, Pictogramming, 2 OD, Left and Right, 18 inch wheel and 18 inch wheel, 1 Variable speed drive, 1 ID,  variable speed drive, Automatic Electrical B1 and B2 axes, Indefinite B axis .0001 degrees, 1 degree Hirth coupling, Swing down dresser, Non Round grinding, Thread Grinding  and much more Sold

Added Options available

  • Centerline increase possible. To run a bigger diameter parts. Enormous savings.

  • Complete new paint after Rebuild.

  • Training and Turnkey available.

  • When you pre buy, your price would be about 30K less than buying it from us after we finish the rebuild.

Expected Result Of Two Levels Of Machinery Rebuild

  • Refurbished machine. Our Goal is 10,000 hours of Life with no Mechanical expenses.

  • Rebuilt machine. Our Goal is 20,000 hours of Life with no Mechanical expenses                          

Our Goals, Warranty and certification process




See the pictures below for a machine sold for 199K.

Brand New Base

Are you a job shop owner wanting to compete with a million dollar machine. At $20 an hour your pay off of the machine is less than 4 years. This machine price and quality can help you quote for jobs at $60/hour and still leave a healthy margin. 


The machine effectively can be sold after 10 years for a 100K. Your write off on this machine is only 50K.

If you buy a million Dollar machine, after 10 years it will be worth 150K.  Your depreciation would be 800K plus. Your hourly rate has to be in the $150/hour.

You can compete with your competitor for  1/10th of a price compared to someone with a new machine. In grinding new machine does not necessarily mean lower cycle time.

Studer parts are available for a long time. I have bought parts for a machine made in 1940s. Fanuc parts are available for a long time. Service available everywhere. I have bought parts for Fanuc 2000 control which was made in 1960s. 

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